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Step 3: Interview Attorneys and Educate Yourself

3. Interview Attorneys & Educate Yourself In our prior post we talked about building your support team. If you can afford one, an attorney should be on your support team. We often are asked, “do I have the right attorney?” That question is both complex and simple but answering it correctly is vitally important. Having the right attorney can make…

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Step 2: Build A Support Team

2. Build A Support Team One of the most common methods that an abuser uses to take control is through isolation. When you become dependent upon your abuser – whether for finances, companionship, interaction, or anything else – that gives them a level of control over you. The more isolated you are from everyone else, the more you need them,…

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Preparing for Your Independence Day

The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching and celebrates the signing and issuance of the Declaration of Independence. While often considered the start of the United States, the seeds of revolution had been planted long before through discontent over taxation and many other issues and included actual battles fought at Lexington and Concord more than a year before July 4,…

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COVID-19 and Domestic Abuse: Surviving the Quarantine

The social isolation, fear, anxiety and extreme restrictions that have been put into place amidst the coronavirus pandemic are enough to cause the most well-adjusted person to become uneasy, restless, anxious and depressed and to feel the need to escape. For those in relationships fraught with abuse, the social isolation, fear, and anxiety are even worse and being trapped with…

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Mandatory Custody Mediation in NC

leDefault-orderedListItem public-DraftStyleDefault-depth0 public-DraftStyleDefault-list-ltr fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-reset OZy-3 lnyWN T3Ond1 WkT0MK”> It is mandatory in all counties before you can have a hearing on temporary custody or modification of custody. While, it is not mandatory that you reach an agreement in mediation, it is mandatory that you attend custody mediation. Most counties will schedule custody mediation orientation before your mediation date is…

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What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a fairly new concept and peaceful alternative to the traditionally adversarial family separation and divorce process. Under the old model of separation and divorce, parties would usually hire attorneys and spend thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to drag each other through court and the children would suffer as a result, either from the emotional turmoil…

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Is Mediation Required in North Carolina?

Until a lawsuit for custody or equitable distribution is filed, mediation is not required in North Carolina. However, that does not mean that if you and your spouse are separating that you cannot choose to participate in private mediation on a voluntary basis. In most cases, being a proactive participant throughout the separation process will promote a more efficient process…

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Domestic Violence and Custody

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children According to the Childhood Domestic Violence Association, approximately five million children witness domestic violence every year. Children from homes with domestic violence are much more likely to experience psychological problems, both in the short-term and in the long-term. Living with domestic violence significantly alters a child’s DNA, aging them 7 to 10 years.…

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