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Serious Family

We are Tough on Domestic Violence!


Family Law Firm that strongly defends children and victims of domestic violence. 


Family Law Legal Services for Hurting Families and Children

When the family falls apart it can have devastating effects now and in the future. Choosing the right attorney is critical. Finding the right family law attorney is especially important when your children, your home and all that you have worked for are at risk. These are issues of "the heart" and making legal decisions can be overwhelming when life seems to be tumbling down and emotions are running high. I understand - because I have been where you now stand. As a law student, I practically went broke (both emotionally and financially) while going through a divorce.  For over the last decade, I have represented clients (and their children) who suffer from domestic, child and sexual abuse. The focus at Lesnik Family Law remains on protecting children and clients from the devastation that can occur when families are separating. 

Our goal is to walk alongside you and be more than your lawyer but also a friend.  As a result of my own personal experience combined with my passion for families and children, I hope to offer legal services that place the care and compassion for others back into the attorney-client relationship: where you come first.

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"As a lawyer, I understand the limits of the law but as a previous legal client I also understand the frustrations of the legal process. I strive to be a different type of lawyer. I will walk alongside you, so that you do not feel alone. I will work hard so that you and your family have the best possible outcome." -  Tiffany A. Lesnik, Owner and Lead Attorney


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You have been very helpful concerning this matter. I have spoken with many attorneys and I don't believe any of them understand the situation as you do. – A.W.

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