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​"As a lawyer, I understand the limits of the law but as a previous legal client I also understand the frustrations of the legal process. I strive to be a different type of lawyer. I can offer discounted rates without sacrificing quality, by keeping my overhead low. I will work hard so that you and your family have the best possible outcome." -  Tiffany A. Lesnik, Attorney and Owner

When the family falls apart it can have devastating effects now and in the future. Choosing the right attorney is critical. Finding the right family law attorney is especially important when your children, your home and all that you have worked for are at risk. These are issues of "the heart" and making legal decisions can be overwhelming when life seems to be tumbling down and emotions are overflowing. I understand - because I have been where you now stand. As a law student, I practically went broke (both emotionally and financially) while going through a divorce.
My goal is to provide affordable, convenient and individualized legal services. As a result of my own personal experience combined with my passion for families and children, I hope to offer legal services that place the care and compassion for others back into the attorney-client relationship: where you come first
As part of my goal to make legal services convenient, affordable, and simple there are many services that are offered online or via a telephone conference. No more taking numerous hours off from work to meet with an attorney, sign documents, etc.  However, not all legal services can be performed in this manner and require much more personal interaction but for simpler matters I offer a secure, affordable, private interface no matter where you may be. 
Client Testimonials

You have been very helpful concerning this matter. I have spoken with many attorneys and I don't believe any of them understand the situation as you do. – A.W.


When we spoke I finally breathed a sigh of relief. I felt you are very sincere and now I am certain my opinion is correct. You could change the face of family law.- C.S.


Thank you so much for all of your help! You totally rocked it in the courtroom, and I felt at ease knowing that you were in charge, and DID NOT miss a thing. You are truly a Godsend. - A.S.


P.S.) Referrals are the best compliment - I have referred two of my girlfriends to you. I think you are great. - V.H.


It was so good to finally find an attorney who would be willing to help me in my situation. The information that you provided me is priceless and your generosity will not be forgotten.- Q.R.


I am looking forward to working with you.  Just know that I have several other friends that are in a similar situation, and I will refer you, without hesitation!! - W.R.

Affordable Legal Fees

Legal fees can be expensive. We have created several flat fee options including separation agreements, parenting agreements, absolute divorce, stepparent adoption, pre-nuptial contracts, collaborative law, and domestic violence protective orders for one all inclusive flat rate.

Price: Ranging from $150.00 to $3,000.00

Legal Clinic and Do It Yourself Services

Need some legal help but can't afford to hire an attorney to represent you. We can help. For $150.00 per hour without a long term contract we will complete your legal paperwork for you, notarize, and copy the forms, plus give you instructions on filing. We also offer legal counseling sessions to help you prepare for trial if you choose to represent yourself. $150.00 payment due prior to appointment.

Price: $150.00 per hour.

Separation with Civility

Want to handle your separation and divorce in the most amicable way possible and stay out of court? Now you can! We are specially trained in the area of domestic collaborative law and offer a flat fee contract with structured meetings to make one of the most painful points in your life run a little more smoothly.

$3,500.00 flat fee

(includes separation agreement)

Our firm offers discounted mediation and parenting coordination services at the low rate of $150.00 per hour. We also offer mediation and parenting coordination services for those who cannot afford an attorney and want to represent themselves. Our office is unique in that we have separate spaces for couples to meet in cases of domestic abuse. 

Price: $150.00 per hour.

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