Compassionate and Caring Representation

About Our Faith Based Services And Legal Representation

As Christians, we are called to be different, to stand apart from the world in the ways in which we interact with one another, especially with our families. Unfortunately, as human beings we fall short and sometimes act in ways that are destructive to ourselves and destructive to our children and spouses. Sometimes that might be through addiction: alcohol, other substances, gambling, pornography and other sex addictions. There may be issues with infidelity or neglect or issues with domestic abuse and control in the marriage.

We are a faith based law firm, based upon the foundation of Christianity. We are not here to judge but to offer reconciliation, restoration and grace in the face of adversity. We offer creative, private solutions to keep you and your family out of court and your heart centered on Christ and family.

Here are some of the alternate options that we offer, in lieu of going to court:

1. Reconciliation Agreements

2. Accountability Agreements

3. Settlement Agreements

4. Temporary Separation Agreements

5. Collaborative Law Negotiations

We are happy to work with you individually, jointly with your spouse, with church staff, clergy and other support persons that are coming alongside you and your family to create customized agreement that fits your special set of circumstances and meet your unique goals without judgment and without the adversarial process that comes with going to court.

At the heart of Christian agreements is accountability, making sure that the family is provided for while one or more members work on healing and restoration. Some examples, may include providing for financial responsibility and indemnification for costs associated with treatment so that your spouse and children aren’t burdened with debt in the event that you relapse. Another example, may be that spouses agree to separate and physically distance while another works on issues that they have with anger management or self-control. These agreements can provide for financial security and sometimes physical and emotional safety while important work outside of the marriage is being done.

Christian Resources

  • Called To Peace Ministries – Help for those in abusive relationships understand and overcome abuse;
  • ChrisMoles.Org – Helps churches and families confront the evil of domestic violence and promote healthy, God-honoring, relationships;
  • LeslieVernick.Com – Author of “The Emotionally Destructive Relationship” and “The Emotionally Destructive Marriage;”
  • – Author and excellent resource for help when you are hurting and learning more about forgiveness.
  • Focus on the Family – Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources
  • HopeQuest – Drug and Alcohol and Sex Addiction Resources