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Custody Coaching & Ghost Writing


Can't afford an attorney but feel like your domestic case is spiraling out of control? Or just need some extra help?  Feel that you are not being heard by the mediator, CPS, or the judge? That the other side is winning even though they are not the better parent? We can help you change that and for a reduced rate of only $150.00/hr. We offer a special service at this law firm because custody is so important to us.

No strings attached, no contract for litigation required. Simply set up a meeting in our office, and bring in all of your court documents and evidence and we will review your case and help assess what you may be doing wrong (or what you are doing right and need to continue doing) and also provide you with simple and effective ways to change the outcome of your case. Whether you need a one-time consultation or longer-term weekly counseling sessions to work on a very complicated situation, you only have to pay a reduced hourly rate and will not be obligated to a long-term litigation contract.  The legal arena is not an arena to spill your heart and soul to the judge. This can be very damaging to your case. Catharsis is appropriate for the counseling room, not the court room. We will be an emotional outlet for you but at the same time help you fine tune the critical points of your case. We will also help prepare you to appear objective and less emotional once you walk into the courtroom, so that you can have the best possible outcome.


Help when your case is just getting started

Maybe your case is just getting started - your case has just been filed or you are getting ready to file. We can help you look your best leading up to the trial so that your case doesn't get to the "high conflict" stage or begin spiraling out of control. Just like in medicine it is good to be proactive with your health, and in law, it is good to be proactive in the outcome of your case. It is harder to fix the damage once it has already occurred and can be exponentially expensive. Let us help keep your case moving forward in a positive, cost effective manner, where your children will also benefit.


Help with Child Protective Services

What if Child Protective Services is Involved and you want to be on your best behavior or know how to best handle your interactions with CPS? We can help there as well. Many of our clients integrally involve us in their CPS Investigations and we advise them on what to say, what not to say, what they should sign and what to refuse to sign, how to comply and when to seek additional services. We can help explain the CPS process and also help give practical and insightful tips for working with CPS, so that your experience with them is positive and brief!


What if I just need legal documents?

If you can't afford an attorney but have no idea how to draft an answer, a reply, a response, a motion, etc. We can help. Your case starts on paper, so make your first impression before the court, a good one. Plus, it is a good way to intimidate the other party. If you file a flimsy piece of paper, that is hardly terror invoking to the other side.  You don't usually get a pass because you are not a lawyer and you file or draft the wrong document. Many cases are dismissed because of litigant error. Getting in front of a judge, particularly in Wake County, can be a daunting process, with all of the delays. Don't have your case dismissed after waiting 8 months to be heard because you did something procedurally wrong. We are available to you at our reduced hourly rate of $150.00/hr. We will draft the documents you need and file them for you, so you don't have to worry about the process, take time off of work, or travel to North Carolina if you live out of state. The best part is that you will not be obligated to a long-term litigation contract and can save hundreds and thousands of dollars. By hiring us for these beginning basic steps it can have a lasting impact through the remainder of your case.


* Reduced Rate of $150.00 does not apply for the contract for litigation. Our normal hourly fee would apply to all future contracts. Also, no guarantee of successfu outcome in court. There are too many factors to guarantee a subjective definition of successful outcome and this firm shall not be held liable should you not receive the result that you desire as we are unable to control all variables.

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