Mediation Services

Why Mediate?
Because you maintain control over your life and your children.


We offer private mediation services as low as $150.00 per hour. In cases where there is an active Domestic Violence Protective Order fees can be as low as $100.00 per hour. Fees are generally split between the couple. 


Custody mediation and equitable distribution are mandatory in the state of North Carolina once a lawsuit has been filed. While custody mediation is a free service that is provided by the court system, it also requres the parties to sit in the same small enclosed space together for a number of hours. This situation may not be bearable for all people. Additionally, equitable distribution is not a free service provided by the court system. A private mediator must be hired in equitable distribution cases. 


We have a unique mediation space regardless of your circumstances. Our office is located at 172 and 174 Mine Lake Court, Suites 100. Both townhouses adjoin so that the mediator can move back and forth between the buildings but both parties and their attorneys have their own private entrances, conference rooms, bathrooms, and kitchenettes. This is a perfect location when there are issues of domestic abuse or other high conflict concerns. 


We offer mediation services to those who have representation and for those who wish to represent themselves. We also offer some weekend availability so that you don't have to take unecessary time off from work. 


Listen to attorney Richard A. Waugaman, III discuss the many benefits of divorce mediation in NC with Dustin Cannon from NC Divorce Info in this informative podcast.