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"Do It Yourself" Legal Services

Can't afford to hire a lawyer but need legal help. We are here for you. We offer a "Do it Yourself" legal clinic that is available by appointment only. We charge $150.00 per hour without a long-term contract and will provide legal advice as well as draft any legal documents that may be needed, provide notary and copy services along with instructions for filing.

Divorce as a family matter is a painful, difficult, and trying process. However, as a legal matter, divorce can be done rather quickly and efficiently with the help of an attorney. North Carolina recognizes no-fault divorce. In other words, whether both spouses or only one spouse wants the divorce, the divorce will be granted as long as there has been a physical separation for more than one year. We offer low flat rates for Absolute Divorce, select below for rates, contracts, and more information.

Separation Agreements & Other Domestic Documents

Whether you are beginning a marriage or ending a marriage - it can be a scary and confusing time. However, the end of a marriage and separating with your spouse can be one of the most painful and difficult times in your life. We hope to help you through that process with several cost effective solutions for your marital dissolution that will save you money, acrimony, and time. We offer flat fee options for separation agreements and other domestic contracts for both simple and complex agreements and we will work with both you and your spouse in an amicable fashion to make what is already a difficult time as easy as possible. We also offer domestic contracts and other legal documents if you are experiencing legal issues that don't require a full legal contract. Contact us for more information.

Mediation Services

Why Mediate? 

Because you maintain control over the future of your life and your children. 


We offer affordable mediation services whether you have an attorney or represent yourself in a private and comfortable environment.  We also offer weekend hours so that you don't have to take additonal time off from work. 

Collaborative Law

Fighting. Chaos. Uncertainty. These are just a few of the words that describe what can happen when a marriage ends. The traditional divorce procedure − where each spouse hires an attorney to battle in court − only makes the situation worse.

Collaborative Law offers a different way for people to dissolve their marriage, a way that avoids the acrimony and bitterness that comes with litigation. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires his or her own attorney, but everyone agrees to stay out of court and resolve issues through respectful, constructive negotiation. In this way, divorce issues are decided without needless emotional trauma to the couple and to any children involved.

Stepparent Adoption

The definition of family today has changed dramatically and blended families are now more popular than ever. We offer low flat fee rates in order to bring your family closer together through our stepparent adoption one rate package.

Nothing is more important than your children and your children matter to us! Whether you have an amicable separation or a high conflict case - we are here to help. We also have experience wth third party custody and grandparent visitation and offer custody coaching to help you improve your outcome in court and to make an actual difference in your life.

Are you struggling with your high conflict custody case? Your children? Your ex? Your PC? Would you like to improve your outcomes in court? We offer discounted services for custody coaching and can help change the outcome of your case and your life.  

There is a duty to support your children in North Carolina and calculating child support in this state is fairly simple as a "direct formula" is generally used to calculate a monthly amount of support by using basic financial information of the supporting parties. To access the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines and the child support calculator select the link below.

Domestic violence comes in various forms (emotional, physical, financial) but regardless of how it presents itself. It creates long lasting waves of destruction that have a ripple effect on the entire family and community. Domestic violence is important to our firm and we have created a network with local domestic violence organizations to provide safety, discounted rates, and fierce representation for our clients. Domestic violence is personal to Tiffany and she will work with you, walk beside you, and empower you to fight against your abuser to get what you deserve and keep you safe.


The statutes on support can be found at N.C.G.S. §50-16A et seq. There are two kinds of support available from the court – postseparation support (PSS) and alimony. Temporary alimony, or alimony pendente lite, no longer exists. Marital fault still exists – called marital misconduct now – but it is no longer a prerequisite for spousal support. Adultery no longer exists as a ground for alimony (or postseparation support), – but illicit sexual behavior does and it is much broader than adultery.  The law on PSS and alimony are now primarily need dependent. There must be a dependent spouse and a supporting spouse and the dependent spouse must be substantially dependent upon the supporting spouse in order for the court to award PSS or Alimony.

There is nothing more confusing to most couples than the division of their property. Whether you need help filing or defending  a claim for equitable distribution, representation in mandatory mediation, help drafting or negotiating a property settlement agreement, or legal advice for your equitable distribution case - we are here to help.

Domestic Law in North Carolina can be overwhelming. We have put together helpful tips and links to more information to help make whatever transition you may be going through an easier one. Please contact us for information concerning your family law issue in Wake County.

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